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15 – 17 SEPTEMBER 2023 – (VIP 14 SEPTEMBER 2023)

9 Place D’IÉNA, 75016, PARIS


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4th edition of Menart Fair, Modern & Contemporary Art Fair + Design dedicated to artists from the Middle East and North Africa, selected by major galleries

After the success of its last three editions (2021, 2022 in Paris, then 2023 in Brussels), Menart Fair will be held for the fourth time at the Palace of Iéna, the masterpiece of architect Auguste Perret, during the European Heritage Days. A selection of ART + DESIGN from around thirty international galleries will be brought together for three and a half days at the Palace of Iéna, seat of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and the third assembly of the Republic.

This palace is an ode to light. It is also one of the most beautiful Parisian settings to reveal the art of these solar regions that are the Middle East and North Africa. Extending this intention, Menart Fair’s scenography is inspired by this architecture

The fair offers an initiatory and didactic journey through a demanding selection of more than a hundred artists, most of whom are already known in their respective countries and collected in Europe.

©CESE BenoitFougeirol©Palais d’Iéna.architecte Auguste Perret.UFSE.SAIF

The Palace of Iéna is a distinguished example of modern architecture in France and one of the three iconic buildings that stand witness to the 1937 World Expo. Characterised by a series of arched windows, modern sculptures and geometric patterns on the walls, clerestories and ceilings, the Palace of Iéna is one of the finest illustrations of the harmony between boldness and functionality in modern architecture.

For the 40th anniversary of the European Heritage Days, the Menart Fair team has taken up the challenge of paying tribute to the iconic architecture of Auguste Perret and reinterpreting it through a scenographic approach. As part of the theme «living heritage», the team strives to translate the graphic elements of the architecture of the Palace of Iéna with several artistic performances, dance, music, happening, among other, before the public in accordance to the majesty of the place.

The objective of Menart Fair is threefold: to satisfy the interest of collectors in the art of the Middle East & North Africa, with guidance on its history and market, to enable Western galleries to create bridges to new artists and to provide these creators from the Arab-Persian world with a unique opportunity to forge links with international connoisseurs and experts.

Located just a few steps from the Palais de Tokyo, the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris and the Musée de l’Homme, opposite the Musée national des arts asiatiques-Guimet, Menart Fair will dazzle visitors with the latest creations from the MENA region. The fair will also host monumental sculptures and art installations, in partnership with international foundations & institutions.