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Tribute to Etel Adnan by the Departement of the Seine Maritime (France) 

From the Olivéa series, a tribute to the goddess of the olive tree, these eight ceramics are one of Étel Adnan’s last projects before she passed away. They were produced at the Pôle Céramique Normandie and required several months of research by Alexandra Catelain-Orange. The ceramics translate the work of the Lebanese painter and poetess with brio and sensitivity.

Menart Fair Mag 2023

Discover the latest news of our galleries!

Cultural Narratives

Menart Fair invites the curator Rima Nasser to present a selection of small format works by leading contemporary MENA artists in its non-profit space.

Round Table

Various MENA speakers will highlight the evolution of these ever-changing art scenes.

Kids Tour 

A programme of visits is designed for children to help them discover the art of the MENA in a playful way.